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AzPark: SWA - Azure Static Web Apps Authentication in Angular application

About this blogHey folks!, In this blog let’s see how to implement authentication flow in our Angular application and also will cover how to emulate this flow in our local development. Azure Static Web App authenticationSWA provides a streamlined authentication experience. By default , you have access to three providers that is pre-configured or you do have option to register a custom provider Standard plan Custom authentication however is only available in Standard Plan By default Azure provides us with two built-in roles

AzPark: SWA - How to deploy Angular SPA in Azure Static Web Apps

About this blogHey folks!, In this blog let’s see how to deploy our Angular SPA application to Azure Static Web Apps from Scratch. Pre-requisitesI have listed down some of the pre-requisites below Azure subscription GitHub account VSCode VSCode Extensions Once VSCode is installed , Please make sure you have below extensions that will be used in our Static Web App series Install Azure Static Web Apps extensions Install Azure Function extensions

AzPark: Welcome to my Jurassic Park

About this blogHey folks!, It’s been long since I posted a blog πŸ˜€. Before getting into details , πŸ›‘ Disclaimer : To those who expect technical contents - Please switch to my other part in Az-park series for actual implementations. This blog is about a site https://azpark.iamdivakarkumar.com - AzPark (Azure Park) Purpose of Az-park I have created https://azpark.iamdivakarkumar.com to explore all azure services with some realtime examples based on different scenarios.

Blogging to the max : Migrating from WordPress to Azure static web apps + Hugo

Blogging to the max : Migrating from WordPress to Azure static web apps + HugoI have started blogging few months back and as everyone did ,I went ahead and created my blogs using WordPress. As days goes by I had this thought of optimizing cost of blogging , as we do this without expecting anything in return. All I used in WordPress were static contents and I had no need of dynamic events to occur in my Blog.

Build Intelligent Outlook using Azure

About this blogI created this solution as part of Azure Developer stories, For more info about this competition please go to this website : https://devstories.konfhub.com/ and it was one among top 25 blogs 😍 This blog content was originally posted at my Dev.to site. What problem are we trying to solve today?Consider you are working for a company where they restricted access to outlook in your mobile or Consider you don’t want to sync professional mail in your mobile.

Create .NET Core Project Template

In this blog let’s see how to create custom template that will hep us to speed up our development process and also helps us in maintaining each solution at ease. Why we need custom templates?Consider we are developing a microservice application , as a team we should follow the below standards across all services. Folder structure Clean Architecture OpenAPI specifications Resiliency Authentication Authorization Health Check Tracking and maintaining these standards across all services are painful and one should invest considerable amount of time in creating these standards across each services.