Azure Load Testing Series - Configure Jmeter

Hey folks!, In tis blog we will see in detail about Apache Jmeter.

  • It can visualized as a script for running tests
  • It helps us to define the sequential flow of our business use case
  • It is saved in form of JMX extension file which is required in Azure Load Testing framework to run tests

  • It represents the group of threads Jmeter will be using during the load test.
  • It allows us to
    • Set the number of threads
      Number of users we will require for our testing

    • Set the ramp-up period
      How much time JMeter should take to start the total number of threads

    • Set the loop count
      Number of times the thread/user performs a particular test

  • Goto ThreadGroups->Add->Sampler->HTTP Request . It will allow you to specify the endpoint that we want to test

  • Provide Url in the Path to start testing

  • We can configure listeners on each requests that we sent as of the test plan.
  • You can find the list of options on right click HTTP Request->Add->Listener

  • This listener will show us the response data and status of each request
  • Click on Run icon to start the test
  • Result tree will be updated based on the configurations you provided in the thread group
  • Right now , it will execute only once as per our configurations we did earlier

  • You can find details about response time , throughputs and other details in this report

  • You can visualize the average response time in graph format with this listener

In our next blog we will see how to pass access token dynamically and execute a test plan with 10 concurrent users

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